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The Brickhouse Blues Band was formed in the summer of 2021. Four experienced musicians, who have been on small and large stages for decades, have tasked themselves with honouring the blues in all its facets and taking the audience on a musical journey.


The different musical origins and inspirations of the musicians guarantee their audience a varied mix of setlists. From classic slow blues with warm-hearted solos to soulful blues grooves for tapping your feet to swinging blues rhythms that invite you to dance, everything is included.


The Brickhouse Blues Band with rhythm, blues and soul.

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Bild 3 - Christian - SW.jpg



Christian has already played everything on the guitar that these six strings can produce and is in his musical element with it. For Christian the blues is the beating heart, the driving force of his music that takes him on a journey through time with its pulsating sounds and constantly re-emerging from its originality. For him, letting the audience feel this heartbeat means the pure power of music.

Bild 4 - Herbie - SW.jpg


Vocals & harmonica

“Ain’t nothin’ but the blues” has always been the creed for the Hamburg born world citizen ever since the mid 1970s when Herbie’s musical life started to take shape in his old school, lovingly referred to as the “Brickhouse”, together with BBB’s Christian on the guitar. The man’s got the blues in his heart and the soul in his powerful voice. For decades, he has been playing the blue notes with his harmonica so passionately and full of “emoción” that no audiences from Palma to Jakarta can keep their seats after the first few bars. May the blues be with you….      

Bild 5 - Johannes - SW.jpg



AKA „Funky Jo“, always looking for the groove – and finding it often. Played the bass on stage for the first time at the age of 15 – in the „Blue Saloon“ of the legendary „Brickhouse“, of course. Johannes has been digging his teeth into his work as a self-taught musician for decades. He and Christian go back a long time together, having played Jazz Rock in the past for many years. Johannes is now very experienced in many musical styles – always with the groove and soul at its heart.

Bild 6 - Thomas - SW.jpg



Thomas is a thoroughbred drummer and a true music pro. During the past decades he has played with many well-known musicians and bands of all musical styles.  It was already clear to him as a child that he wanted to set the beat as a musician. He drummed his first rhythms while sitting on a stool when his legs didn't quite reach the floor yet. Being a member of the Brickhouse Blues Band is a matter of the heart for Thomas, a journey back to his musical roots and an homage to the diverse rhythms of the blues.

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